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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Momma Bear

It's not that I didn't know he was okay at the time . . . but he was stuck and I didn't know how long I had until he started freaking out too!  So a couple days after the New Year the boys and I were at my Mom's, +Janet Dixon , finishing a puzzle we had started over the Holidays.  My sister +Dari Willey was there with her kids and the they all were playing while he chit chatted over the puzzle.  Soon it was time for Hank to take his nap so I put him down in his usual place, my Mom's bedroom in the Pack -n- Play.  About 30 minutes later I heard some chatter from the bedroom and I figured Hank was just chatting himself to sleep.  It wasn't until Dari went a little closer to the door and heard Hank at the door lightly knocking.  First of all, I don't know how he got out of the Pack -n- Play!  But when I went to the door, somehow he had twisted the bellybutton lock on the door. Again, as I stated earlier, I knew he was okay at the moment, but Hank has a tendency to find . . . situations that end badly for him.  Like the stitches just a couple days previous--frankly I'm surprised he have gone this long without stitches. ANYWAY, he was locked in the bedroom and I knew I might not have long until he was hurt.  Dari and I found something to poke in the little hole in the doorknob to try and pop it open, but we quickly learned it wasn't that kind of doorknob.  After talking with +Jason Dixon , we tried applying pressure in the little grooves at the hilt of the doorknob to pop the door handle off, WELL, that just broke the hilt. SO, I took a hammer and slammed the door handle off, opened the door and there was my Hank, holding a picture frame and laughing as I opened the door.

Squeeze in a Head Wound

We were planning on playing with cousins over dinner at my Mom's, +Janet Dixon ,  our playtime was cut short when Hank slipped off a stool and hit his head on a neighboring stool on his way to the ground.  When +Andrew Smart picked him up there were large droplets of blood falling from his head and I knew it wasn't good.  My sister +Jill Van Orden and my mom, +Janet Dixon  quickly got a towel and an ice pack and I held him to my chest and rocked him to settle him down so we could evaluate the situation.  The bleeding stopped but as we looked at the cut, it showed fatty tissues.  It wasn't very long, but it was pretty deep.  Family members have stitched others up in their homes before, but those capable of doing the stitching (Brent, Warren, +Robert Coray, +Annie Dixon, Gordy) were either still working, traveling, or too far away. SO, we went over to Physicians Immediate Care and Warren's P.A., Lana, stitched Hanka up.  He needed 4 stitches and it was just 6 hours before the New Year.  Needless to say we did not finish our play time at Grandmas.  Instead we went home and put the boys to bed and enjoyed a great movie.  Happy New Year!

Randy's Gym

My Mom always takes the grandkids to Randy's Gym around Christmas. This year we went the Friday after Christmas and between big cousins jumping into the foam pit and little cousins building forts, all in all we had a marvelous time!
For some reason Robert didn't have a fabulous time this trip to Randy's Gym.  He sat in the "soft tunnel" and watched his cousins play most of the time, but isn't this an adorable shot?!

Hank loved running around and had a great time with cousins at Randy's  Gym.

My sister +Anna White and her husband +Joseph White came up with their kids.  Here are their boys, Johnny and Tyler, with my sister +Jenae Dixon 's daughter Maya.  They had quite the fort built from cones and mats.


 We had a VERY merry Christmas. The boys loved their cars/race track, Avengers, and especially....the dragons! +Andrew Smart loves his gun history books and I love my new bling watch.
Hank got goldfish crackers in his stocking and didn't open much until the crackers were gone!  He had cars in his stocking too, but didn't want anything to do with them until he was well into his crackers.  So he sat on the steps and held his garbage truck while the rest of us opened presents. 
Hank ventured from his post on the steps, with his crackers, to check out the new rack track.  Robert got dragons (actually one is Hank's but he's not too into it) and took them everywhere!
Okay so Hank played with his green dragon for me to snap this picture, but mostly he played with his new cars...AFTER the crackers were all gone.
Robert also got "shackles."  When we wrestle he likes to tie the other person up in "shackles" so he got some REAL shackles and loves shackling anything and anyone.
I wish I knew what Robert's thumb gesture was all about.  It's SO cute, but I didn't hear what he was saying, something about Hanka I guess.  They both got more race tracks from Grandma +Janet Dixon 
Grandma +Janet Dixon was amazed at her family tree chart we printed off in poster size for her.  It goes back 9 generations and is all color coded!
My sister +Jill Van Orden spent Christmas in Pocatello (she brought her family of course).  Her son Andrew got a bunch of survival stuff and was THRILLED anytime someone needed him to use his knife to aid in opening presents.
Robert's cousin Emma, +Jill Van Orden  daughter, found this giant dinosaur for Robert.  He wasn't sure what to think about it at first, but warmed up to it and includes it in all is battles with the dragons and Avengers he got also.
And of course +Andrew Smart received a gun.  Actually, the gift was money to go shopping because +Jill Van Orden  wasn't quite sure what kind of outdoorsy thing to buy for him.  I think Robert has commandeered this little Nerf gun since Christmas.
The merriment didn't stop as we headed over to Grandpa and Grandma Bob and +Sheryl Smart 's house.  I love this cute smile on Robert's face as he opens his new transformer.
Hank is all about phones these days.  Anything that looks remotely the size of a phone goes to the ear and he starts babbling.  Grandpa and Grandma Bob and +Sheryl Smart found this great toy phone for him to play with.  Robert had a little trouble transforming the transformer, truth be told +Andrew Smart had a little trouble too.
I love this face!  He's deep into some pretend battle or something with one of his dragons close at hand  of course.
Grandpa +Bob and Sheryl Smart built the boys a new toy box.  It's beautiful!