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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Just to validate what all the parents out there are saying, "They grow up too fast!" It seems like yesterday Robert was just laying there, still as a rock. In the last 2 months he has become a new person. He never stays in the same spot for more than a few minutes. Although he's not completely mobile yet, he certainly knows how to get from one place to the other if he wants to--roll and scootch, roll and scootch, roll and scootch. Being a mom is such a wonderful opportunity. It seems like yesterday I was so excited to hear his little heart beat, the ultra sound, and then the labor pains.....maybe not so excited in the midst of the pain, but excited that it was finally time! Babies are so precious--especially MINE! (hehehehe). Before we know it he'll be reciting his ABC's. What a great time that will be, but all too soon!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Miss Dad!!!

Andy is thick into tax season so we don't get to see him too often. Usually when Andy gets home, Robert is in his highchair eating dinner. His back is to the door but when Andy comes in, Robert starts giggling and gasping, trying to look around the highchair to see his Papa coming home! It's so cute. Then we have just about an hour, typically, before Robert starts getting tired and ready for bed. His head is slightly large, just a little. His clothes are always getting stuck on his head. We think it's a hoot!
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No Clothes!

Robert loves his clothes off! It's so much easier to grab on to those toes and suck on 'em! The Ka'Boing ball is his new favorite toy. He can get his fingers in all kinds of holds and really go to town figuring out what that taste is. The other day he actually got his finger stuck and was flinging the ball until it flew across his blanket. No tears though! It wasn't a "hurt" stuck, just an annoying stuck. He thought it was pretty funny--so did I!

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

We're Professionals!

It's official! Andy and I have both passed our tests in our respective careers! After 3 months of waiting, I FINALLY got my results back. This was the 3rd time I took the test (Educational Interpreter Proficiency Assessment--EIPA) and passed with flying colors this go round! (choir singing back up---HALLEUJAH!)