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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's December!

This is priceless, right? "I've been good this year, I promise." He loves his Santa hat. Some days it even replaces his camo cap that is usually glued to his head.

Here's my Dec. 1st belly. I've been having Andy take my profile the first of each month just for fun I guess. See how big I get from one month to the next.
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Boys' Afternoon

Lacey went to go see the Nutcracker this afternoon, so the Boy and I went for a drive to find some deer on the winter range.  We ended up seeing about 50 or so, and we'll call it time very well spent away from the ballet.

Robert loved it.  He just needs to figure out that you need to turn the binoculars around to make things appear closer.

Another shot of the Boy with his 'noculars.

This one had some horns.  Of the 50 or so we saw, this is the only one that had a noticeable rack.

Same one with the antlers.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Sometimes my agenda gets in the way of life. I should be reading a story with Robert instead of...whatever. There's a great scripture in Romans 8:28 you should read next time you think you have too much to do or not enough time in the day. The fact of the matter is most things on my agenda aren't that important but often trump the things that are:
1) Love God
2) CTR
and good things will happen.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

pregnant vs. pregnant

As you can see with the count down, I'm roughly 4 months along for pregnancy #2.
Here's a picture from our recent Yellowstone trip. I love the "who's kid is this?" look on my face.

Let me just say that people who say each pregnancy is different ARE COMPLETELY CORRECT, at least in my case anyway. To let you know what I mean here are a few comparisons:

Prego #1
1 week of Arby's Beef and Cheddar cravings and then goodbye to food cravings all together.
Prego #2
From the beginning I have craved FOOD. Someone mentions a particular food and it triggers the "must have" switch in my brain: Chinese (I made fried rice for the first time MmmMmmgood), caramel popcorn, smoothies, bacon/egg/cream cheese bagel sandwich (a particular favorite, but then agina, aren't they all), pickles, grapefuit (this is an everyday craving or anything sour will do), chocolate (I hand dipped chocolates the other day on this one after talking about turtles at work--ya know with pecans and caramel and chocolate? It sounded so good and I just happened to have all the stuff), sticky fingers at Winger's, cereal (usually satisfies my 8:00pm craving), soup in a bread bowl (I haven't actually made this one yet, but I can feel it coming soon). These are all foods that have come up in a conversation during the day that when I get home I break down and make because I just can't fight the urge any longer. The great thing is once I make it, the craving doesn't go away.

Prego #1
I shed a few small tears at the DNCFR during the mutten bustin' but other than that never really cried--more than usual.
Prego #2
Anything and everything can set me off. I never know when and, although I try, can't seem to turn the faucet off--it's water works until the well is dry. Whether I'm laughing or anxious or sad or mad or sentimental or "normal"--drop of a hat and here comes the rain so get a box of tissues and an umbrella.

Prego #1
I never knew what anxiety (sp?) felt like. I mean, sure I had been anxious now and then in my life and occasionally during pregnancy, who hasn't?
Prego #2
EVERYTHING is a worry. This is strongly related to the tears all the time. I cry driving home from work because I might get in a wreck and won't make it home, and what if no one can find Andrew and I die and, and, and, and, What if? Constantly. What if?

Prego #1
I enjoyed people and social gatherings, chit chat at work, church, a jaunt to the store, etc.
I'll say it simple. Keep me home. Just, keep me home. Sorry to say, but it's best I only go out when absolutely necessary. Enough said.

Prego #1
I arrived on time for appointments, work, etc. Never had problems getting ready to be somewhere. I could plan for things and not stress out.
Prego #2
I am a WRECK, a nut-job, even sycko--and I don't even know how to spell it. I don't know who I am sometimes. I was so capable before and I just don't know what happened--I do know what happened no one needs to explain where babies come from haha--I just don't know why? (raise arms and eyes to the heavens) WHY must I be a complete space-case?! :) It's all I can do to shower, get dressed, read scriptures, and eat breakfast in the morning. Anything added on to that and it's like the world stops and I think to myself, "who is this person? and when will she get out of the way so I can go back to being myself again?" (SIGH!!) It's all good though.

AMONG IT ALL I HAVE KEPT THAT TREASURED GIFT: THE ABILITY TO LAUGH AT MYSELF. I think that is the thread keeping me out of the mental institution. So next time you see me and ask, "How's it going?" and I say, "I'm hanging in there." or "Same old same old." Just know that's code for "At least Andy hasn't comitted me yet." or "I'm trying to save the water-works for something valid."


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sawmill Camping Trip

Pioneer Day weekend was our last camping trip as a family for the summer.  We thought we would make it back out in August, but for some reason it just didn't happen.  Oh well, there's always next year.

Mom and Dad had some pretty severe tire issues.  After some discussion we thought Salmon was the best closest chance for a tire repair place.  Turns out Salmon was a heck of a lot farther away than we thought it was.  Oh well, it was a pretty drive none the less.

The critters were abundant and easy to find as usual:

Momma was wary of us with her two little fawns.

Don't see a lot of whitetails 'round these parts.

  I love the buckskin phase.

This is probably my favorite picture from the trip:  A near full moon over the Bell summit.

Another great trip. . .Can't wait for next year.

Oh, on the way home the Blue Angels were performing in Idaho Falls, so we thought we'd stop and have a look. Robert thought this was the best thing ever even though he was a little scared of the noise when they flew over.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pray for the Right Things

We've been having an awful time with our CR-V the last few weeks.  The air conditioning in the car has never really worked right since we've owned it, and for the better part of the last month we've been trying to get it fixed.  At first we just filled it up with coolant and hoped that would fix it.  Then it turned out that there was a leak in the system and we got a new evaporator core.  Then shortly after that the compressor failed (compressor failure is VERY common in CR-V's and Honda needs to issue a recall but that's another discussion).  When the compressor failed it shot tiny shards of metal throughout the system which means we have to replace the whole a/c system.  

I tell you that story so I can tell you this story.  Every night before the Boy goes to bed Lacey and/or I help him say his prayers.  He's getting pretty good at it, and we really only have to help him wrap it up or he'd go on forever.  We can only understand about half of what he prays for, but there are a few things that he prays for with regularity; Mama and Papa, going to Nursery, and for Papa's truck.  And wouldn't you know it my truck is over 16 years old and still runs as though it were brand new.  Lacey's car on the other hand is only 6 years old and we've now sunk over $2,000 into it.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but now that we've got the car back we need to be sure to prompt Robert to start praying for Mama's car.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A bit long so here's the outline:
1. Roto Rooter and window installers working on opposite ends of the house at the same time.
2. I couldn't find my Mom (she was at the grocery store) so we left town an hour later than planned.
3. The GPS took us to downtownn SLC where Mormon Handicraft used to be, but wher they are currently under construction.
4. Emma's plane was delayed a little over an hour.
5. After standing in 3 lines (2 of which were in the wrong terminal) 20 people long we finally got a pass to go to her gate (she's a minor).
6. I misunderstood security and threw away my Nalgene bottle only for them to clarify that what they meant was dump out the water--which I did after fishing out my bottle.
7. I unconciously tried to pass through the security archway with a metal ring on my driver's license pouch and my cell phone in my pocket.
8. Security vultures were circling to pounce on the blundering idot incogneeto (sp?) bomb threat.
9. I lost my cell phone in the bathroom after dinner, but found it after searching everywhere BUT there eventhough that is where I had JUST come from.
10. We laughed all day long at all the mishaps.

Read on for the full story, or just browse.
I should've known when we had to call Roto Rooter and 8:00 in the morning that my day was not going to be a "normal" day. Last Saturday we had scheduled some new windows be installed. Hooray! A plug for our new windows...American Exteriors has fabulous windows and we got a trmendous deal!

The installers were scheduled for 8:30 so I woke up and showered. As I'm blow drying my hair I start to hear the tub and sink and toilet "Glub, glub, glub..." Sure enough the tub and sink and filling with water and who knows what from who knows where. I'm pretty sure I didn't wash any of that down the tub in my shower. So Andy strolls in and started plunging to no avail. Well, it was a Saturday mind you so finding a plumber that is open and willing to come and unclog our system was a bit perplexing. Of course we chose our favorite plumbers first (what? don't you have a favorite plumber, too?) but they were closed. Which led us to Roto Rooter, open 24 hours a day for all your plumbing needs.

Meanwhile, the window guys show up and start ripping our windows out on the north end of the house whilst Roto Rooter begins work on the south end of the house and the bathroom. Andy and I kind of tag teamed the whole thing with Robert in the middle. Normally we don't watch any t.v. or movies before books, lunch, and playing outside, but considering the circumstance Lightning McQueen was just the thing we needed. Turns out a root had grown into our pipes out behind the house. For now, our plumbing is free flowing and our windows installed. Hooray!

So time comes around that I'm ready to make the trek with my Mom to Salt Lake City International Airport to pick up my niece Emma. We had planned on leaving around 10:30 even though Emma's flight wasn't coming in until 6:30 so we could do a little SLC shopping. When I called my Mom she wasn't home. Instead my other niece Sara (staying in town for a ballet camp) answered the phone and let me know my Mom had just run to the store to grab a gallon of milk. I should've known right then something was going to happen because I know how hard it is for most of us, especially my Mom, to go to the store to get "just a gallon of milk." Long story short, as I drove to my inlaws to borrow their GPS I passed the grocery store and there sat my Mother's car. As though a cloud of inspiration had opened before me I knew 2 things. 1) My Mom realized we would be getting home too late to go to the store (around 9:30ish) and 2) she also realized that she needed a few more things for Sunday dinner--okay maybe a lot more. Regardless, we left town headed for SLC at 11:45. There was my next clue it would continue to be one of those days.

Niether of us had been to Mormon Handicraft for A LONG TIME so we decided that's where we'd go first. Punch it in to the GPS and head for down town SLC. WELL, Mormon Handicraft apparantly is in a construction zone, building with no walls across from Temple Square. The sweet ladies at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building pointed us in the right direction. IT MOVED! Fort Union Shopping Center off the 215. On our way we got side tracked to Garnder's Mill instead. I could spend ALL DAY there. Didn't buy anything, but got tons of ideas and fun. 5:30 rolled around pretty quickly, time to head to the airport so we can get our boarding passes to go to the gate and meet Emma. As we're driving away, Jill--Emma's Mom--calls and evidently the flight was delayed--now by this time I'm thinking, CURSE YOU ROTO ROOTER!

She was supposed to board at 5:00, but we got the "boarding call" from Jill at 6:15 as the door was closing. Just more time to figure out where we're supposed to go in the airport, right? Niether of us had ever met a minor at the airport, especially since heightened security. So we asked "the guy in the red shirt and hat" he looked official, where we needed to get a boarding pass.
"Check in with Delta," he tells us.
We stood in line staring at the "Delta AirFrance" sign with suspicion. We were waiting near the Kiosks. We got to the front and the guy told us to stand in the "other" line--later we found out "other" is airport talk for "problem" line.

Well after waiting in that line for 20 minutes I stepped up with Emma's itinerary ready to hand it to the lady. She looked at me with disgust and said, "flight number." "6086," I said calmly.

According to this woman's computer the flight logged their take off at 5:50, and as we know computers are never wrong. I tried to explain that there had to be some kind of mistake because Jill called us at 6:15 and the plane was still very much on the ground. Turns out, ready for this, WE'RE IN THE WRONG TERMINAL! We need to check in with United!


SO, we left that building and walked down to Terminal 1. Things were looking up, the woman behind the desk knew about the flight delay and gave us both boarding passes without any problems.

On to security (Darth Vador theme song). I'm pregnant, right? So I carry water around with me to sip on so I don't get sick. This time my water bottle, WHICH I WAS NOT TRYING TO HIDE, was a 32 oz Nalgene bottle about 3/4 full. As I approach security with driver's lisence and Nalgene in hand the man says to me, "You can drink that here, or throw it away."
"Uhhh, okay." I respond.
"Sorry, Lace," my Mom pipes in.

I saw a garbage can near the conveyor belt so I put my purse in a bucket with my shoes as another security guard comes up to me, right in my face, and says, "Ma'am you're going to need to throw that away."
"I'm planning on it," I assure him as I motion toward the garbage can.
"Not THAT one. Use the big one out THERE." He fires back motioning to the large garbage can just outside of security. The garbage cans inside security are apparantly too good for Nalgene bottles.
"Okay," I calmy reply not wanting to attract any more attention. So, barefoot, I walk over and throw my Nalgene bottle into the garbage can, the security guard following me every step of the way. As I turn around to go back to the conveyor belt where my things have already gone through, he says to me, "If I'd known you were going to do THAT, you could have used the other garbage can." I'm thinking to myself--what do you mean "do THAT" isn't "THAT" what you told me to do. Instead of voicing these thoughts I looked at him quizzically. "You could have just dumped the water out," he says.
"Oh! Well, in that case," I fished my Nalgene bottle from the tops of the empty water bottles and dumped the water out. Why didn't the first guy say, "You need to drink that here or dump it out?" OH THAT ROTO ROOTER really should have clued me in.

Well, I still had my driver's license out because you have to show it to EVERYONE in the airport, (as a side note my driver's license is in a little pouch that clips into my wallet) Then as I'm walking through the security arch way I realize and sheepishly voice to the new security guard on the other side, "Oh, this pouch has a metal ring on it."
"Yeah, go put that in a dish and come back through." Then with a vindictive tone he added, "and your cell phone too."
I never carry my cell with me, but while traveling I did AND it was in my pocket, bulging through for all to see. With all the water bottle goings-on I had completely forgotten to unload my pockets. I could feel the vultures circling, "is this a blundering idot or a bomb threat waiting to go off?" Alas, I passed secutity, phew!

Emma's plane landed and we got to the car (parked in the other terminal) and we were off. She was starving so we decided to sit down at The Olive Garden before heading home even though it was nearly 8:30. While waiting to be seated I suddenly got the thought, "Where's my cell phone?" sigh, it was still in my pocket. Dinner was great and afterward Emma and I visited the restroom before the drive home. As I left the restroom I realized I didn't feel my cell phone in my pocket anymore. OH NO! I thought maybe it fell out at the table--went back and checked--nope! Maybe someone turned it in? nope. Maybe it's in the car? (but I remembered I'd felt it while waiting for the table) nope it wasn't in the car. Back in the restaraunt. Maybe it's in the bathroom? I'm sure the lady I followed into the bathroom thought I was crazy as I congratulated myself on finding the phone sitting one th floor near the toilet and then cursing as it slipped through my fingers and ALMOST landed in the toilet but instead, jump for joy, it landed behind the toilet!

It would seem the day was graciously coming to a close. We got home aroung 1:00 in the morning. Oh, what a day! What did I learn? LAUGH! We laughed throughout the day at all the unfortunate "opperator error" mishaps around us, yes, some self-inflicted. And at the end of the day.....I LOVE our new windows!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


this is our makeshift swimming pool. It works great for home use and Robert doesn't know the difference right now so why spend the extra money, right?

It was sosooo hot. Nothing like a refreshing drink from the nasty garden hose.

Ah, the fire truck. Robert has taken to carrying "fire truck" around with him wherever we go. It's an improvement from the corner-sucked-on-ratty blanky he was dragging around. That blankey has stink in the fibers at this point. Nothing I do gets the stink out. It's the stink like the bed when you don't change the sheets--slobber, sleep, sweat, more slobber, ya know? Now in the mornings when he wakes up we "save it" in his crib until nap time.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hiking to Mill Creek Lake

Crossing the bridge on the way to the lake. 2 miles in 2 miles out.

Gotta throw in a rock or two--naked of course.

OoooEee! That's cold! But we don't care. Well would'ja look at that. Like father like son.

Panoram of Mill Creek Lake.

Camping at Sawmill

WE LOVE CAMPING! This was really Robert's first year camping, although he did go with us last year. He was just a baby then and this time was big enough to run and play and get wet.

This was one of Robert's favorite places to sit and chill. Grandma and Grandpa's trailer.

He also thought it was fun to plop down in the daisies which I think is just adorable.

Has anyone seen the chips? Oh? Robert ran off with them?

I love a good tin foil dinner!

Where Have We Been?

So here's my attempt, finally, to catch up on some blogging.

First part of June we went to Hogle Zoo on our way to Moab. It'll be a fabulous day for Robert when his legs are long enough to reach the peddles on a bike.

This little baby elephant was ADORABLE! No the Mama's trunk is NOT made of cream piping. There were quite a few people gawking and so this is our "spot."

Robert was in no way interested in posing by me and this large, forboding, gorilla statue.

But, he loved looking in the gorilla cage!

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Leaf

This morning I was sitting at my sewing machine sewing, fancy that what else is a sewing machine good for? I was sewing 3 1/2 inch squares-cut-diagonally-in-half onto the corners of a 13 3/4 inch block.

On a side note I think it's funny that the 3 1/2 inch squares-cut-diagonaly-in-half can't just be called triangles. This summer I'm taking quilting lessons from an. . . older woman in my ward. I'm learning how to sew all kinds of quilt blocks and thoroughly enjoying my new hobby. One thing I've learned though is that sometimes you use triangles (constructed by placing 2 rectangles right sides together and then sewing 1 seam directly down the center from top to bottom or acorss the width. Then sew 2 parallel seams about 1/2 inch apart from the top left corner to the center of the bottm side and then from there to the top right corner. Then you just cut between the parallel seams and 1/4 inch out from the seam across the width and wal-la you have a 4 squares each made from two triangles.) HOWEVER, when you have a perfect square and you cut it diagonally in half, it is NOT called a triangle. During the first few lessons you can imagine my confusion when I kept referring to BOTH as triangles.

Anyway, this morning I was sewing some quilt blocks and started thinking about the wonders of the universe and what makes the world go 'round. In my deep state of consenstration I've decided to TURN OVER A NEW LEAF. You see ever since my parents' divorce, my brothers and sisters have really been on edge. Last weekend we had a family reunion with my Mom's brothers and sisters and IT WAS FANTASTIC, but there were some issues that arose among my brothers and sisters. These "issues" are nothing new, but after going to church for 8 hours yesterday I've decided that there is NOTHING TO PROFIT FROM FUELING THE ISSUES' FIRE so-to-speak. You see, we've gotten on this kick of really criticizing each other, "We never get invited," "so and so's political views are blinded," "so and so is a bad parent," "they are self-righteous," "if they would just. . ." Sheesh!!! it's exhausting!!

Here's the thing that kicks me in the butt each time I turn over a new leaf (actually I think it's the same leaf I keep turning it over and over and over and over). The thing is when I turn over the leaf it says the same thing on both sides. It reads, WHO AM I TO CRITICIZE ANYONE? I'm not perfect. I don't think God really cares what political views we adhere to. That's right, I DON'T THINK GOD HAS A POLITICAL PARTY. He created each of us individually, not to be the same as each other. Embrace our differences family, c'mon. He is the only perfect parent so we can't go around calling each other BAD PARENTS if we are all TRYING OUR BEST. After all, aren't we here to learn and practice loving God and loving each other? "Judge not," Lacey, people, everyone, right? Instead let's laugh together, build each other up, focus on positives, serve each other.

I stopped sewing to come and blog this, so now that it's blogged I best be getting back to my squares-cut-diagonally-in-half sewn onto the corners of my blocks.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sheep Rock

Arches National Park was MAGNIFICENT! The rocks are so BIG. The pictures don't even really do it justice because in order to get really see the scale a person needs to be in the picture, but the person ends up being ant sized in the picture.

So this is Sheep Rock in Arches National Park. It was too far away for a person to stand next to it for scale, although we could've just stood in front of it in the picture. Too bad I just thought of that. We stopped for a photo shoot and to stretch our legs.

Robert found a perfect rock to perch on and eat his fruit snacks. I trying to get him to smile by saying, "smile Robert, show me your teeth." As most people--kids anyway--do, he only heard the last thing out of my mouth so this is what I got and I'm so glad because it's perfect!

Somehow whenever we go on a trip with Bob and Sheryl we get home and never have a picture of Bob. Somehow he always escapes the snap in the snapshots! I snuck this one at the beginning of the trip just in case it would end up to be the only one of him from the whole trip. (We snuck in a few more though hehehe).

4 years!

We're almost not newly weds!!!! Our anniversary was actually last month, but (sigh) it's seems like it was just yesterday. Then I look at the calendar and realize a whole month has gone by and I haven't updated hardly anything. It was a Thursday so Andy and I both had to work, but we went to dinner that night.....I think to the "Lahbsta" aka Red Lobster. Andy, ahhh, brought home flowers. Gerber Daisies, my favorite--4 for 4 years, ahhhhh, so sweet (with a head tilt). We celebrated by taking a vacation down to Moab but not until the following week (more on that in later posts). So the next day I was doing the dishes and Andy came in with the camera to take my picture with the flowers I'm sure to always hold in our hearts the bliss 4 years can be (sappy sap sap).

As I am NOT camera shy, of course I posed.

However when I went to return the favor, this is all I could snap. hahaha

Monday, June 7, 2010

Yummy Everything

Before I tell my story I must preface with a picture and some background.

This is the horse at my Mom's house on Memorial Day. He's saying, "Yee Haw!"

Here's the background.
1)Robert uses great manners. Most of the time he remembers a please or a no, thank you. It's actually quite comical when I ask him, "Are you ready for jamas?" and he says with a cute head shake, "No thank you jamas. I don't want it." His tone is the thing that gets me the most. He doesn't yell or scream it (don't get me wrong he yells and screams plenty, but it's not so comical) he just says it matter of factly. "No thank you sit down. I don't want it."

2)I've encouraged Robert to be a good eater, I guess (quizical look), by offering him "yummy (fill in the blank)" Whether it be broccoli or ice cream I usually tell him it's yummy. So now that he's talking intelligibly when he wants something to eat he asks for a "yummy (fill in the blank)" Most days it's "yummy white cheese please Momma," although you may know it as cottage cheese. Sometimes it's "yummy chocolate please Momma," (a fact I whole heartidly agree upon) and other times it's "yummy carrots please Momma and yummy syrup." Syrup is anything that you squeeze out of a bottle until you remind him that condiments have different names in this case, with the carrots, he's asking for Ranch.

Anyway so here's my story....
Tonight just before dinner Andy got out an almost empty bag of Doritoes and so it began, "yummy chips please Papa," "yummy chips please Momma." Well, I was heating up dinner (leftovers from the Olive Garden, Mmmmm we had a piece of grilled chicken with broccoli, some spaghetti, chicken alfredo, and a breadstick) and I said to him, "Robert we're going to have some yummy dinner, noodles and chicken." He looked at me like I was born yesterday and said, "No thank you Momma, I don't want icky dinner. Yummy chips please."

I guess I should've seen that coming. It was hilarious. Just so you know how the story ends, Robert climbed up in his chair and ate his yummy noodles with yummy sprinkle cheese (Parmesean) and yummy yogurt to top it off.

Friday, May 7, 2010

What's Your Name?

A while ago someone asked Robert what his name is. He looked confused. Andy and I both realized hadn't been teaching him his name. Last Sunday we were at my Mom's for dinner.....let me back up a little. Robert thinks his Uncle Jason is so funny cuz Jason will come in the room and say in a funny low voice, "Hi Bob." Robert has started calling Jason, Bob. When Jason walks in Robert will yell out, "Baaaahb" (I was going to type a lot of "o's" to emphasize the word, but it didn't look right so it's Bob, but making the "o" part longer, ANYWAY).

So, last Sunday we were at my Mom's for dinner and started pointing to people and asking, "Who's this?" He's such a social child, my son. "Mama," "Papa," "Jaycee," "Jesse," "Maya," "G'ma," "Annie," "Bad" (that's Brad), and the last one "BOB." This is Jason I told him trying not to laugh. So Jason started pointing back and forth to Robert and saying, "Bob" and then to himself and saying, "My name's Jason." By the end of the night Jason was still named Bob. He got everyone else right though! That's awesome, right?

Every once in a while Robert has attempted his name. During the week I was working with him on his name and I point to me and say Mama and point to him and say Robert. He tries to say his name after me, "Ro oot" Then I'd ask, what's my name? and point to myself...."Mama" he says. Then I pointed to him and say, "what's your name?" He giggles and points to himself and says, "Naaaame! Ah-my name."

He's such a hoot! Ah, what a laugh. We need to catch in on camera, it's sooo cute!

Friday, April 23, 2010


My boy is a squealer. I know that could mean a couple of things, and actually both would apply to Robert. Probably since he's been able to recognize things he's squealed with delight when he sees something he likes. These days the things that are most likely to get him all excited are balloons, trucks, and dogs.

The Boy has also started to develop a habit of tattling on me, his own dad. He's not really squealing on something bad that I did, but he does it when he gets in trouble with me for something he did. A typical scenario would run something like this: I find Robert playing with the phone that he knows he shouldn't be playing with, and I tell him "no" and take it away from him. Then he gets all upset and goes running off in tears to find Lacey. When he finds her he says, "Momma, papa (incoherent baby talk) buttons!" Depending on what the situation was will determine what the final word of his sentence is, but other than that he pretty much says the same thing every time.

I think it's kind of funny for a few reasons. The first of which is that Lacey doesn't ever show him any sympathy, and more often than not she scolds him too. Robert also never squeals on his mother. I wonder if it's because he figures she's the ultimate authority figure and there's no one higher up to tattle on, or if it's for some other reason. At any rate we both think it's pretty funny.

Notice the lip and the "real" tears. It's quite a production

Friday, April 9, 2010

Life's Too Short

This week hasn't been the best of weeks for my attitude. I know, I know (sigh) I'm the only one who can change it. The week hasn't been awful and I've taken each day in stride. I've stayed pleasant and in good spirits and even kept a genuine smile on my face and a chuckle in my conversation. But do you ever feel like you're on the verge.....? That's why I'm blogging about it because I'm reminding myself Life's Too Short!

Life's Too Short to:
complain all the time. I'm not saying you can't vent every now and then, but life's filled with too many blessings to focus on the negative. When I feel like venting ALL THE TIME I know it's time to remember Life's Too Short to complain all the time.

have every minute of my day packed with something to do. I'm not saying you shouldn't stay busy--idleness is no treat either (see my next point)--but I hate when I, yes I, pack my own schedule so full I don't even have time to think straight. When I leave the house at 8:00 a.m. and don't come home until 9:30 p.m. I know it's time to remember Life's Too Short to have every minute of my day packed with something to do.

have nothing to do. I enjoy a nice afternoon of leisure, let's face it. We all need down time, but when the down time never stops remember the dishes and laundry and stories and blocks and vacuuming and dirty toilets and grocery shopping and exercising and playing with cars and preparing dinner, etc. never stop either. It's time to remember Life's Too Short to have nothing to do.

hold a grudge. Yeah, I get angry, I struggle to let go of a grudge. Who doesn't? I tell ya who doesn't....Jesus. When I want to have my feelings hurt, yeah you read it right, (I'm the one who decides to let my feelings get hurt or to turn the other cheek) and I invite myself to a pity-party I know it's time to remember Life's Too Short to hold a grudge.

Afterall, the Primary songs are "I'm trying to be like Jesus, I'm following in His ways...." "Jesus said love everyone, treat them kindly too" (even if you don't think they deserve your kindness).

So go out and have a great day! Smile!
Anyone have anything to add to my Life's Too Short list?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break

Big Boy Undies! During Spring Break I decided I'd introduce Robert to the potty. He loves cars so we bought a potty with Lightning McQueen on the back rest. He loves to look at it and talk about it. He shakes his fist like he's signing "potty" (the sign is the letter "t"--hand in a fist, your thumb inbetween your index finger and middle finger then shake it side to side for those who want to know) and most of the time he tells me "poopy mommy. a potty" but he only went in the potty a couple times. Pretty good for 1 week I think. We're still working on it. More blogging on that to come.

We also got new carpet over Spring Break, hence the plywood floors in the picutres. Robert held on to the pliers to "help" me pull out the staples left behind from the old carpet. He is a great helper.

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