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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Face Stuffer

Hank is the messiest eater. Sheesh I just fill his plate and the food is gone. Most of it is stuffed in his mouth some is on the floor and under his bum. He surprisingly doesn't choke on the pound of food he's gnawing on though.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Knock knock jokes

And so it's begun. The age of knock knock jokes. Truthfully knock knock jokes are the only jokes I consistently get the punch line right. So this is our afternoon snack conversation...
Robert: knock knock
Me: who's there?
R: stinky banana
Me: stinky banana who?
R: no I'm saying stinky banana who, not you.

Me: knock knock
R: who's there?
Me: interrupting cow
R: cow wh....
Me: moo!

R: knock knock
Me: who's there?
R: stinky cow?
Me: stinky cow who?
R: moooooooooo!

Thank you cousin Spencer for introducing Robert to the "stinky" version of the knock knock jokes.