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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


this is our makeshift swimming pool. It works great for home use and Robert doesn't know the difference right now so why spend the extra money, right?

It was sosooo hot. Nothing like a refreshing drink from the nasty garden hose.

Ah, the fire truck. Robert has taken to carrying "fire truck" around with him wherever we go. It's an improvement from the corner-sucked-on-ratty blanky he was dragging around. That blankey has stink in the fibers at this point. Nothing I do gets the stink out. It's the stink like the bed when you don't change the sheets--slobber, sleep, sweat, more slobber, ya know? Now in the mornings when he wakes up we "save it" in his crib until nap time.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hiking to Mill Creek Lake

Crossing the bridge on the way to the lake. 2 miles in 2 miles out.

Gotta throw in a rock or two--naked of course.

OoooEee! That's cold! But we don't care. Well would'ja look at that. Like father like son.

Panoram of Mill Creek Lake.

Camping at Sawmill

WE LOVE CAMPING! This was really Robert's first year camping, although he did go with us last year. He was just a baby then and this time was big enough to run and play and get wet.

This was one of Robert's favorite places to sit and chill. Grandma and Grandpa's trailer.

He also thought it was fun to plop down in the daisies which I think is just adorable.

Has anyone seen the chips? Oh? Robert ran off with them?

I love a good tin foil dinner!

Where Have We Been?

So here's my attempt, finally, to catch up on some blogging.

First part of June we went to Hogle Zoo on our way to Moab. It'll be a fabulous day for Robert when his legs are long enough to reach the peddles on a bike.

This little baby elephant was ADORABLE! No the Mama's trunk is NOT made of cream piping. There were quite a few people gawking and so this is our "spot."

Robert was in no way interested in posing by me and this large, forboding, gorilla statue.

But, he loved looking in the gorilla cage!

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Leaf

This morning I was sitting at my sewing machine sewing, fancy that what else is a sewing machine good for? I was sewing 3 1/2 inch squares-cut-diagonally-in-half onto the corners of a 13 3/4 inch block.

On a side note I think it's funny that the 3 1/2 inch squares-cut-diagonaly-in-half can't just be called triangles. This summer I'm taking quilting lessons from an. . . older woman in my ward. I'm learning how to sew all kinds of quilt blocks and thoroughly enjoying my new hobby. One thing I've learned though is that sometimes you use triangles (constructed by placing 2 rectangles right sides together and then sewing 1 seam directly down the center from top to bottom or acorss the width. Then sew 2 parallel seams about 1/2 inch apart from the top left corner to the center of the bottm side and then from there to the top right corner. Then you just cut between the parallel seams and 1/4 inch out from the seam across the width and wal-la you have a 4 squares each made from two triangles.) HOWEVER, when you have a perfect square and you cut it diagonally in half, it is NOT called a triangle. During the first few lessons you can imagine my confusion when I kept referring to BOTH as triangles.

Anyway, this morning I was sewing some quilt blocks and started thinking about the wonders of the universe and what makes the world go 'round. In my deep state of consenstration I've decided to TURN OVER A NEW LEAF. You see ever since my parents' divorce, my brothers and sisters have really been on edge. Last weekend we had a family reunion with my Mom's brothers and sisters and IT WAS FANTASTIC, but there were some issues that arose among my brothers and sisters. These "issues" are nothing new, but after going to church for 8 hours yesterday I've decided that there is NOTHING TO PROFIT FROM FUELING THE ISSUES' FIRE so-to-speak. You see, we've gotten on this kick of really criticizing each other, "We never get invited," "so and so's political views are blinded," "so and so is a bad parent," "they are self-righteous," "if they would just. . ." Sheesh!!! it's exhausting!!

Here's the thing that kicks me in the butt each time I turn over a new leaf (actually I think it's the same leaf I keep turning it over and over and over and over). The thing is when I turn over the leaf it says the same thing on both sides. It reads, WHO AM I TO CRITICIZE ANYONE? I'm not perfect. I don't think God really cares what political views we adhere to. That's right, I DON'T THINK GOD HAS A POLITICAL PARTY. He created each of us individually, not to be the same as each other. Embrace our differences family, c'mon. He is the only perfect parent so we can't go around calling each other BAD PARENTS if we are all TRYING OUR BEST. After all, aren't we here to learn and practice loving God and loving each other? "Judge not," Lacey, people, everyone, right? Instead let's laugh together, build each other up, focus on positives, serve each other.

I stopped sewing to come and blog this, so now that it's blogged I best be getting back to my squares-cut-diagonally-in-half sewn onto the corners of my blocks.