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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Duds for Easter

New Easter clothes! And a smile to match!!

Our sweet angel boy.

Always blowing bubbles and making noises. He's so cute!

Dying Easter Eggs

We had tons of fun with Robert dying Easter eggs. Of course he didn't really get into it, but loved to throw the eggs in the dye and watch them splash. AND of course suck on them

Must have Easter eggs!!!

Robert loves his jumperoo. So when we put him on the trampoline for a small bounce, he went wild! He couldn't stop laughing. Meanwhile all the other kids were looking for eggs.

He put a couple in front of him to pick up. He thought they were pretty darn cool.

Andy and Robert in their ballcaps! Stylin' for the Easter Egg Hunt!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Resurection Weekend! (aka Easter)

Easter was great! Saturday morning we went up to my Dad's house for an Easter Egg hunt. It was a good time--a little wierd. It was the first big Spring event at my Dad's since my parents got divorced. All my brothers and sisters in town were there, and that made it really fun. Robert picked up a couple eggs and tried to eat the shell, throw it on the ground, ya know the usual 8 month old Easter activities. We gave him some awesome Playschool cars and Melissa&Doug stacking rings which he probably won't use for another couple months, but I just couldn't help myself in the store. While we were going through baskets and munching on fruit, my sister Dari and I got into a conversation about Easter and why we celebrate. She was going on about how Easter means Ishtar--the Greek goddess of fertility and her Earthly form was a rabbit....then tied that in with Las Vegas and the Playboy Bunny and most people don't know the true meaning of why we celebrate this weekend. So she calls it "Reserection Weekend" instead of Easter because Easter has such awful historical ties. Interesting connection, yes, yes, very interesting. I personally don't go quite that far; however, I do like the sound of Resurection Weekend. So, yeah, religious holidays are exploited by business to get us to buy things and Easter is truly about Jesus Christ's Resurection. In fact today in Primary we had a discussion about why we get candy on Easter because the resurectioin has nothing to do with sugar--EXCEPT that resurection will be SO SWEET! (bad joke). We love Easter, for HE IS RISEN!

Mark 16: 6

6 And he saith unto them, Be not affrighted: Ye seek Jesus of Nazareth, which was crucified: he is arisen; he is not here: behold the place where they laid him.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Those Dixon Genes!

How can you NOT have sympathy for that sicky face? He was miserable! Definately NOT his usual jovial, smiley, easy to care for self. The week of March 23 (I was in Colorado) Robert caught the croup. Thanks to Dad and Grandma's holding and rocking him through the nights and taking him outside for some cold fresh air, he eventurally started acting like he felt a little better. Tuesday evening I arrived home from my trip. He only woke up twice that night. Wednesday was pretty good and that night was even better. We were going on walkd outside, all bundled up, propping him up to sleep. Thursday was an improvement from Wednesday and by Friday he was feeling pretty good. AND THEN.......

Saturday he woke up with goopy, goopy eyes! I thought, okay he's just still getting over the croup. All the congestion is coming out wherever it can. BUT, Sunday was no better, Monday was worse! He had started pulling at his left ear--AHA! ear infection! I took him to the doctor on Tuesday--sure enough, Uncle Chris said, "His Dixon genes are starting to show up in the doctor's office!" He's getting 4 teeth right now, which is associated with the ear infection. The ear infection is causing the goopy eyes--it's all connected! He's been on Amoxicillin for 5 days today and finally back to his normal self. Our boy is back!

The Roots of that Tree

I went to visit Anna while I was in Colorado. She and the kids took me to Target (we got bean bags for the kids), ToysR'us (just to play and kill some time before we drove to the ariport), Garden of the Gods, and The Will Roger's Shrine. He's not buried there, but he was a friend of the Penrose family who settled Colorado Springs. The Penroses built a shrine for them to be burried in and named it the Will Roger's Shrine--a little wierd if you ask me. It was really pretty though. All the rock they used in building it came from the same 6,000 cubic yards of boulder! There are no nails or screws in its construction. Very cool.

Johnny stood and held on to the chapel gate while the older kids played out on the terrace.

It was a little bit cold the day we went to Garden of the Gods, but we still managed to get out and climb around. Lizi and Tyler climbed to the top of this rock that, on a nice day, is perfect for a picnic.
The Rocks are huge! The drive through was beautiful.

Molly, Lizi, and Tyler found a little nook to block the wind for a bit.

I love the roots of this tree. Some of the roots are along the surface some go down a little further. It symbolizes the roots of our lives. When our roots our deep in Jesus Christ, family, love, understanding, and forgiveness we grow tall and strong. When we let those roots die or falter, we loose our strength and life starts to fall apart.

My Trip to Colorado

This is Horsetooth Mountain in Fort Collins, CO. I woke up Saturday morning at 4:00 a.m. and got ready to catch the shuttle to SLC by 5:00 a.m. We actually left 20 minutes late because some kid was late coming up from Marsh Valley or somewhere--I was nervous I'd miss my flight. BUT I didn't, Phew! We got to the airport at 8:00 and I flew out at 9:00. Jill picked me up in Denver--boy what a mess. That airport is confusing! I had no idea where I was supposed to go to get picked up! I didn't have Jill's cell phone number with me so I had to call around to get that, but eventually tracked her down in the parking lot. I felt like I was in the mall with no exits, not an airport. Anyway, we got to Fort Collins by noonish. Jill's family was ready for a hike. I thought to myself, "can I take a nap first? I'm eshausted" We rested for a little bit, but then it was off for a "little" hike. We started hiking at about 2:30. There was a nice trail blazed, we took turns carrying the bag of snacks and water. We got to the top by about 4:00. It was a beautiful view.

At the top, Andrew (my nephew) started eating an apple. I told him how Grandma (my Mom) eats the apple straight through, seeds and all, instead of eating around the core and throwing it away. He was bound and determined to eat that whole apple. It took him about 10 minutes and a few grimaces, but he did it!

I always take pictures of trees--dead trees. Althoug this tree isn't dead, I thought it was cool how it was growing in the side of the rock.