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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Andy's Birthday

Andy is gone all day at an estate sale he's heading up for work which means I have time to fiddle around with the blog. Two days ago was Andy's birthday--here's the story. Andy has had a duck and a phesant in the freezer for about the last 2-3 years waiting to be stuffed. Well, about July I got this fabulous idea to save up and have them stuffed and mounted for his birthday. I was worried he would realize they weren't in the freezer anymore or that he would somehow figure out what I was getting him. 2 weeks before his birthday I went and picked them up, we don't have room for me to hide them at our house so I took them to his parents'. When the check cleared I was really nervous because I knew Andy would see it on our account and that we would be able to see who I made it out to. Alas, he only saw how much it was for. So we went to dinner (Senior Iguanas, very tastey) with his parents and sister and her husband. On the way home to open presents he was guessing what I got him. He guessed everything but the birds! All in all it was a huge success--he was so suprised!

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Katie said...

Sweet! I'm the first to leave a comment! I like the birds! Congrats on the baby friends. We'll have to see him sometime.