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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Robert's Blessing

Goooooooooood Morning Robert! This is the morning of his blessing and he was sleeping so cute we had to snap some pictures.

I asked my mom about 6 weeks ago if she would knit a baby blessing outfit. She's been knitting away ever since. The day before the blessing she put the final touches on. He looks so handsome in his little outfit--it doubles as a marshmallow costume! He was asleep most of the times my mom came by to try it on him so we just held it up to him. The length fits great but he definately doesn't fill out the width. You can't really tell it's big unless you pull the sides out while he's laying down so it's all good. After the blessing we had a "post-blessing party" at Andy's parents house. All in all it was a great day! Lot's of family and friends were able to come.

Andy's Birthday

Andy is gone all day at an estate sale he's heading up for work which means I have time to fiddle around with the blog. Two days ago was Andy's birthday--here's the story. Andy has had a duck and a phesant in the freezer for about the last 2-3 years waiting to be stuffed. Well, about July I got this fabulous idea to save up and have them stuffed and mounted for his birthday. I was worried he would realize they weren't in the freezer anymore or that he would somehow figure out what I was getting him. 2 weeks before his birthday I went and picked them up, we don't have room for me to hide them at our house so I took them to his parents'. When the check cleared I was really nervous because I knew Andy would see it on our account and that we would be able to see who I made it out to. Alas, he only saw how much it was for. So we went to dinner (Senior Iguanas, very tastey) with his parents and sister and her husband. On the way home to open presents he was guessing what I got him. He guessed everything but the birds! All in all it was a huge success--he was so suprised!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Robert Story

So I didn't realize until after I posted "Our Bundle of Joy" that I didn't write anything about it. Here's the scoop. I was 8 days over and very ready for my doctor to induce me. Monday I had the flu and was thowing up all day.....so first thing Tuesday morning we were in the hospital to start the process, which turned out to be as slow as mud. What's even worse is my friend checked in one hour before me and had her baby 4 hours later (Robert didn't come for another 36 hours!) By the time the nurse said you're ready to push I wanted to laugh in her face--READY? after 2 days of eating practically nothing? I am far from having energy to push. Alas, I pushed for about 1 hour then came....well I'm not sure what, complete and utter exhaustion? despair? weakness? all you mothers know what I'm talking about. I had been so long in the hospital and my labor had progressed so slowly, we were all ready to tear our hair out. Out came the forceps. And about 30 minutes later at 11:03 p.m. Wednesday out came our full grown-very pale-newborn. He was having trouble, having been in the birth canal so long, so they wisked him away to the NICU after quickly weighing and measuring him. Thankgoodness he just needed the respitory bag and wasn't hooked up to any machines. He stayed there for the next 12 hours, but then was in our room and the nursery. By Friday we were home. Home Sweet Home! It never felt so good to come home!

Our Bundle of Joy

9 pounds 10 ounces!

After 39 long hours, he's finally here-Robert Andrew Smart