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Saturday, January 10, 2009

All Jumped Out

This morning after Lacey left for the grocery store I started cleaning the house, and put Robert in his jumperoo to keep him happy while I cleaned. After I was done in the kitchen I started sweeping and Robert was starting to get a little fussy because it was his nap time. But I thought that I was almost done sweeping, and after I finished I would pick him up and take him to his crib. Well, I guess he got impatient waiting for me, because when I finished up and went to get him, this is what I found. He'd been bouncing up and down all morning, and I guess he just wore himself out and figured the jumperoo was as good a place as any to fall asleep.
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Gary and Mauri said...

OK so I'm FINALLY getting all caught up on my blogging now that we have the Internet again...I can't believe how big Robert is!! SO cute! I really am going to have to make a special trip to Poky just to see him!! Also, Lacey, I didn't know about your heart probalem....I'm so glad all is well now!! I love that blogging (when you have access to a computer) keeps me in touch with everyone!!

Andi said...

These pictures are too cute to pass up. I have pictures of the kids sleeping in their high chairs with food all over the faces and hands. Too cute! They grow up fast! Treasure these! Miss you, Lacey. I found more pictures of you. Great memories!

brittany schley said...

What did Lacey do to you when she got home? She is the nap nazi so I hope you still have some of your fingers and all of your hair!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I resemble that remark Britt! No, really, I'm not a nap nazi--Andy met me at the door with his finger to his lips "ssshhhhh" So I crept inside and there was Robert in the jumper. The first thing out of my mouth was how cute! Did you get a picture? Andy already had the picture so I got out the video camera.