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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grand Teton

Just after the fourth of July we decided to take a little trip up to Jackson and Grand Teton Park along with Brent & Lindsay. We walked all around the town square, went to a movie (the boy even went. . .in a drug induced sleep), hiked up to Taggart Lake, and saw lots of great scenery and wildlife.
One thing I forgot is how expensive Jackson is in the summer. We stayed at the Motel 6 for one night and it cost $120! And the room wasn't anything spectacular, it was just big enough for the bed and a table. In fact I think the bathroom was just as big as where the bed was. It was worth it though, we all had a good time.
Here's a few pictures of the trip.

Taggart Creek & the Grand Teton

Sleepy boy on Momma's back

That's me admiring the view

Wee-Man had a good time

And finally, a few pictures that I stiched together

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