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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


this is our makeshift swimming pool. It works great for home use and Robert doesn't know the difference right now so why spend the extra money, right?

It was sosooo hot. Nothing like a refreshing drink from the nasty garden hose.

Ah, the fire truck. Robert has taken to carrying "fire truck" around with him wherever we go. It's an improvement from the corner-sucked-on-ratty blanky he was dragging around. That blankey has stink in the fibers at this point. Nothing I do gets the stink out. It's the stink like the bed when you don't change the sheets--slobber, sleep, sweat, more slobber, ya know? Now in the mornings when he wakes up we "save it" in his crib until nap time.


brittany schley said...

sure, don't worry about telling me you're prego!

Lacey said...

I thought this way was more fun :)