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Friday, March 25, 2011

Living with Wild Animals

Most mornings instead of walking into Robert's room and being greeted with an eye-rub or yawn, lately I walk in and he's some kind of growling animal. We are immediately stalking some kind of animal from "good morning" to "good night". His favorite characters to take on are lions, tigers, bears, gorillas, we've recently added coyote (he saw some Loony Toons--Wiley Coyote). I hear the growl and the guessing game begins 1)what animal is he? 2)am I prey or predator? 3)how much longer until our characters change unknowingly?

With my prego belly getting.....quite large, I'm the slower moving animal in the pack. The other day we were running from the family room to his bedroom (opposite ends of the house), to get some more animals to add to our pack. He darted off pretty quick and I lugged behind. He turned and looked at me and said, "Is your belly too big, Mom? You can't run fast." Alas, kids are so smart.

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