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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Knock knock jokes

And so it's begun. The age of knock knock jokes. Truthfully knock knock jokes are the only jokes I consistently get the punch line right. So this is our afternoon snack conversation...
Robert: knock knock
Me: who's there?
R: stinky banana
Me: stinky banana who?
R: no I'm saying stinky banana who, not you.

Me: knock knock
R: who's there?
Me: interrupting cow
R: cow wh....
Me: moo!

R: knock knock
Me: who's there?
R: stinky cow?
Me: stinky cow who?
R: moooooooooo!

Thank you cousin Spencer for introducing Robert to the "stinky" version of the knock knock jokes.

1 comment:

Rita Peck said...

too funny. love the knockknock jokes. my kids think they are hilarious with their versions of them.