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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cookie Monster Suit

Robert got this warm suit from a co-worker of mine. It is so so soft! Softer than anything you can imagine!! Seriously!!
Plus..he looks like Cookie Monster in it!
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Gary and Mauri said...

oh I just love it! First of all, those cutest little chubby cheeks are SO kissable!! And second, how can you not love a baby cookie monster? TOO cute!!

Andy said...

Poor kid. I can't believe he lets you dress him up like that. You should have heard him sigh when I took him out of it. . .It was a sigh of relief.

Lacey said...

He loves the outfit. It's so soft. I wish I had one! Some pj's would be great!

brittany schley said...

He's just so dang cute. Andy is just jealous he doesn't have a matching outfit.

Lacey said...

I could make a matching outfit. Then we could be the cookie monster family!