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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Jumperoo

It's a hit! Who would've known jumping up and down with some lights and animal sounds could be so fun. We weren't going to get him one--I was against it. I thought, ahh he'll be fine with sitting on a blanket and playing with toys. We don't need to spend that money. What can ya do when it's on a great sale though? There goes that excuse. He still will be fine with sitting on a blanket and slobbering all over his toys. This just adds one more dimention--jumping while slobbering all over his toys. Two things Robert has mastered. We got it on a great sale at Sears and he loves it!

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brittany schley said...

This looks like something I NEED. Cutter won't sit, he has to stand!! He told me the other day how much fun he had playing with Robert. He wants to do it again soon.