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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Single Dad

Well, it's spring break and Lacey is off to Colorado to visit her sister for a few days. After considering all our options we decided it would be best if the boy stayed behind with me. I was sure we'd manage alright because Robert is pretty easy to take care of, and our first day and a half by ourselves went pretty good.

Probably the funniest thing that's happened so far was on Sunday morning when I got him up out of bed. He was all smiley and giggling looking around, but as we walked down into the living room he realized that he hadn't seen his momma. So he stuck out his bottom lip and started getting all teary eyed because his misses her so much. This was soon forgotten however, because he started eating his breakfast. Nothing that a bowl of mush and some applesauce can't fix.

Unfortunately mush and applesauce can't fix everything, because it's pretty much been downhill from there. He has a horrible cough, a little fever, and what I feared at first to be an ear infection. When I put him down to bed Sunday night he slept for about an hour and then just woke up howling. It took the better part of the next three hours to get him calmed down. Once he was quiet I called in the reinforcements. Grandma Sheryl came and relieved me so I could get some sleep because it's still tax season and there's plenty of things that need to to get done.

Grandma Sheryl was good enough to take him to the doctor's office on Monday afternoon and it turns out that he doesn't have an ear infection, but croup. So last night we had Grandma Janet over to help, and the boy actually had a pretty good night. He had his window open (cold air is good for croup) and a humidifier pumping out water vapor so he only woke up twice and went right back to sleep with a little soothing.

So today the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Lacey will be back from Colorado this evening(one day early). Thank goodness for all the support we have so close by. I don't know how single parents do it when their babies' are sick. That's something I wouldn't wish on anyone.


brittany schley said...

I'm pretty sure Jake would have given up and left his kid on the step of some church. Good job, Dad. It isn't easy when they are sick. Both of my kids have coughs so I feel your pain. And they gave it to me!

Andy said...

Mostly it's good job, Grandmas. I'm so tired that I'm vaguely aware that I'm at work. I also think it's Tuesday, but aren't completley sure, so I'll have to check my calendar and match the client I just saw to what day it is.

lowryclan4 said...

You are both awesome for taking on this experience. Bruce never would have kept the girls and I don't think I could have left but I am glad you are both able to do this!!!