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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Class of '98 Reunion

Okay, not a fabulous picture but none the less we went to my 11 year high school reunion. Andy went somewhat begrudgingly, but he was there with me and that's whats important.

I sat at the sign in table for the night before dinner started. Jami Hoopes (new last name escapes me at the moment) was a close friend in high school and I haven't seen her for ages!!!! HI Jami! So good to see you! Let's stay in touch now, okay? She came up from L.A. just for the reunion--I'm so glad too, because otherwise when would we have seen each other??

Andy and Mauri, I'm not sure why Andy is so happy. Maybe because it's almost time to go.

All the choir folk that were at the reunion got together for a photo shoot after dinner. Good times had by all!
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Heidi said...

Lookin' good! Do you mind if I rip some of these off for the Reunion blog?

Lacey said...

Yeah, Heidi, you can put them on the reunion blog :)