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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Next Step

Today is officially my first day of Summer Vacation! I'm realizing a whole lot #1 My family is the best! I know all of you would probably say your family is the best, but that can be easily settled with an arm-wrestling competition (hehehe). I've made a decision, see, to miss out on....well, let me backup a little.

Many of you know, I teach Children's Musical Theater to 6-9 year olds, well, this last year has been AWFUL, down right awful for CMT and my family. CMT, actually went quite well. Christmas was a hard performance, but they pulled through. And this spring (because Christmas was so hard and EXASERBATING) I had a team teacher; I taught Monday, she taught Wednesday, but it was still hard because I'm a working Mom. I would pick Robert up after work and then have to go to CMT for class. I just wanted to be with my little guy--hence me not teaching next year!

(Robert loves his bathtime and rubber ducky!)
So their Spring performance is coming up. ALL the CMT classes have combined for one BIG show, "Seussical" It's really going to be great. Here's the hitch, we planned a camping trip the week of the performance. At first I was going to stay home for the performance and let Andy go with his family camping. He and I would go camping the next weekend with my brother and his family--well that fell through--they're going on some fantastic bike ride in Washington. So, (here's where my decision is) DANG-IT-ALL, I'm going camping with my family because they are #1 and the best family I could ask for and CMT will just have to do without me!

(This is a picture of where we're going camping)
This is a big step for me. It's seems kind of silly though....I'm mean really CMT or family, CMT or family? Hmmmm, of course I pick my family! I wouldn't be who I am without them. Andy makes me such a better person--I love you, Luv! I seriously would be a racing lunatic, basket-case, incredibly busy, unfulfilled person without him. And our little guy, Robert is the icing on the cake. To think that he was just with God and now is with us......I'll tell ya what, it makes me want to read the scriptures and pray a whole lot more so I'm ready to teach him what he already knows and he can teach us what we've forgotten!

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