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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little Boys Will Eat ANYTHING

This is a long post, but a FANTASTIC story!

So I made a quilt--it's a bargello pattern with reds......anyway, I needed some fabric for the border so I went to Jones' Sew and Vac--where I learned to sew the bargello and my mom works there. My mom and I are looking at different fabrics that might look good as the border and I looked down and saw Robert put something in his mouth. Now we are at a sewing maching and VACUUM store--the floor is very clean. Leave it to my son to find the one thing on the floor and put it in his mouth. I bent down to do a finger sweep. Nothing. Now I know I saw him put something in there. I picked him up to get a better look--there was a straight pin, yes a straight pin the kind you use to pin fabric together, laying parallel with his jaw kind of in his cheek. "Mom he has a pin in his mouth," I say and Robert starts gagging and choking. So I hold him over the cutting table at a downward slant as my mom sweeps again to try and get the pin. She comes up saying, "There's nothing in there." Meanwhile Robert starts jabbering and laughing to himself. (He knew this was a good one for the books the little stinker). We looked on the table, on the floor, no pin. You'd think if it came out, it would be attached to some drool--no drool strings. No tears, no whimperings, no complaints from Robert. So my mom says, "Lace you're going to have to take him in." I was stunned, Robert seemed perfectly happy. His regular jovial self. So I took him to the doctor.

We go to my uncle and cousin at Yost and Yost (until the end of the month and then Chris is retiring and Gentry is joining the Pocatello Children's Clinic). I told the secretary I didn't have an appointment, but that Robert just swallowed a straight pin. So she hooks me up with the nurse who happens to be my Aunt Kara. While I'm telling her the story her son Gentry--Dr. Yost, walks up.

So now all three of us are talking about what do I do now? Usually these things pass easily, "You'd be surprised what babies can pass," Gentry says "but me or my Dad should look him over in the exam room." So we go pull his chart get in the exam room and Uncle Chris walks in, "You're sure it's in there?" At least 4 people had already asked me this question and I completely understand the reasoning behind it, but I started second guessing myself--never doubt a mother's intuition about what her kid swallowed. So Uncle Chris sends for an x-ray.

We go down to Idaho Imaging, get the x-ray and head back to Yost and Yost. At Idaho Imaging, the x-ray technitian and I looked at the x-ray to make sure it was a good picture. She pulled it up and I blurt out, "Oh my! Is that it?" She says to me, "I'm not at liberty to say, but just to clarify....Robert isn't wearing any metal is he?" Besides the snaps on his jumper? NO. So, we head back to the office, Chris pulls it up online--the undergrad shadow comes in, Aunt Kara (nurse) comes in, Gentry comes in......"yeah, there it is" as we are all circled around the computer.

So from here we wait....."Most foreign objects that actually make it to the stomach pass out of the body without problem," they tell me. "Unless he starts coughing up blood, he'll most likely be perfectly fine." It doesn't make it any easier to think about though. We 're doing another x-ray tomorrow at 24 hours to make sure the pin is moving down the track. What if after he poops it out, it pokes him and gets lodged in his hiney?

We're in for an adventurous next few days!

How can you not just love that face? He's covered in mashed potatoes!


Jev, Ashley, and little Joe said...

Wow! I hope Joey never swallows a straight pin. That sounds worrisome. I sure hope it comes out in Roberts poop! Keep us updated.

Gary and Mauri said...

OK so I DO feel bad about little Robert swallowing a straight pin, but I will admit that this story did make me laugh out loud!! I do hope for an update letting us all know that it made it out safe and no poking in the hind end....poor Robert!!

Kimber said...

I am going to be freaking out until I hear the end of the story.
This is like that episode of House were the gypsy boy swallows the toothpick and... well it is an episode of house. You know how those go.

I am on pins and needles. Pardon the pun.