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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Pin to Remember: The Conclusion

Yes, I've been worried. But I was prepared to not really get panicked until tomorrow--the 1 week mark.

I went back to work this week--school's up and running again. I wanted to make sure I knew for sure when the pin came out so I told my babysitter to bag up his poopy diapers "to go please." I've been picking him up after school, coming home and sifting through his diapers. With gloves of course. I told my babysitter, Liz, if she thought she saw it to text me.

So today in 3rd hour my hip started vibrating, but I had to wait for the period to be over. Sure enough, she said she definately saw some metal. I called her at lunch, "I don't think it's a pin though, it's black. It's definately hard metal." I was stoked! I've never been so excited to change a poopy diaper. Today when we got home I straped on my gloves and went to work. I didn't have to look far; there it was embedded in crap with little yellow ball still intact. Black, because of all the crap--literally, and acid tarnishing the metal over the last week.

I promptly took the tarnished pin to the bathroom, rubbed it down with alcohol, then dowsed it with some more for good measure. And there is where it is waiting now, in a cup of rubbing alcohol. I'm planning on putting it in his baby book next to the xrays!

The first x-ray was Thursday August 20th. The pin is in the stomach. The x-ray on the right was Friday morning--24 hours later. The pin has moved out of the stomach. We took another x-ray Sunday morning that showed the pin in the intestine, but we don't have that one on the computer.

The End, thanks for reading.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Robert.


Gary and Mauri said...

Haha...I'm happy to know the pin finally made it's way out!! And I think it's great you're gonna keep it!! :)

Kimber said...

I have been worried about your baby all week and I can now sleep soundly, lol!

Oh, that boy is going to be fuuuuun!

Kent said...

Holy crap! I can't belieb dat!