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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break

Big Boy Undies! During Spring Break I decided I'd introduce Robert to the potty. He loves cars so we bought a potty with Lightning McQueen on the back rest. He loves to look at it and talk about it. He shakes his fist like he's signing "potty" (the sign is the letter "t"--hand in a fist, your thumb inbetween your index finger and middle finger then shake it side to side for those who want to know) and most of the time he tells me "poopy mommy. a potty" but he only went in the potty a couple times. Pretty good for 1 week I think. We're still working on it. More blogging on that to come.

We also got new carpet over Spring Break, hence the plywood floors in the picutres. Robert held on to the pliers to "help" me pull out the staples left behind from the old carpet. He is a great helper.

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mauri said...

oh my gosh he is STINKIN cute! The last time I checked your blog it wouldn't load the pictures....I'm sure glad it did this time. LOVE it!!

Hey, I am planning on being up there the 1st of May. Let's try to get together then. That way we don't have to wait clear til the end of May when you'll be down this way :) I'll give you more details when it gets closer.

Miss you!!!

brittany schley said...

he is such a stud. and the only boy i would even consider letting get near my girl!