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Friday, April 23, 2010


My boy is a squealer. I know that could mean a couple of things, and actually both would apply to Robert. Probably since he's been able to recognize things he's squealed with delight when he sees something he likes. These days the things that are most likely to get him all excited are balloons, trucks, and dogs.

The Boy has also started to develop a habit of tattling on me, his own dad. He's not really squealing on something bad that I did, but he does it when he gets in trouble with me for something he did. A typical scenario would run something like this: I find Robert playing with the phone that he knows he shouldn't be playing with, and I tell him "no" and take it away from him. Then he gets all upset and goes running off in tears to find Lacey. When he finds her he says, "Momma, papa (incoherent baby talk) buttons!" Depending on what the situation was will determine what the final word of his sentence is, but other than that he pretty much says the same thing every time.

I think it's kind of funny for a few reasons. The first of which is that Lacey doesn't ever show him any sympathy, and more often than not she scolds him too. Robert also never squeals on his mother. I wonder if it's because he figures she's the ultimate authority figure and there's no one higher up to tattle on, or if it's for some other reason. At any rate we both think it's pretty funny.

Notice the lip and the "real" tears. It's quite a production

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