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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pray for the Right Things

We've been having an awful time with our CR-V the last few weeks.  The air conditioning in the car has never really worked right since we've owned it, and for the better part of the last month we've been trying to get it fixed.  At first we just filled it up with coolant and hoped that would fix it.  Then it turned out that there was a leak in the system and we got a new evaporator core.  Then shortly after that the compressor failed (compressor failure is VERY common in CR-V's and Honda needs to issue a recall but that's another discussion).  When the compressor failed it shot tiny shards of metal throughout the system which means we have to replace the whole a/c system.  

I tell you that story so I can tell you this story.  Every night before the Boy goes to bed Lacey and/or I help him say his prayers.  He's getting pretty good at it, and we really only have to help him wrap it up or he'd go on forever.  We can only understand about half of what he prays for, but there are a few things that he prays for with regularity; Mama and Papa, going to Nursery, and for Papa's truck.  And wouldn't you know it my truck is over 16 years old and still runs as though it were brand new.  Lacey's car on the other hand is only 6 years old and we've now sunk over $2,000 into it.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but now that we've got the car back we need to be sure to prompt Robert to start praying for Mama's car.

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