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Friday, April 8, 2011


Robert is so cute with his brother. He loves on him and wants to hold him--that's the scary part. But he loves to help and will run get me the burp rag or Hank's bib or the phone if it's ringing while I'm feeding Hank. Before Hank was born I had some big brother, little brother shirts made. Robert doesn't want to wear his of course. He doesn't really go for new things too well--although he loves his new brothers. Anyway, I thought I take some pictues of the boys in their shirts. Well, not IN their shirts, but WITH their shirts.

"I want to give him loves, Mom"
Could this be any more perfect?

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Gary and Mauri said...

Oh that is SO SO precious!! It makes me wish even more that Kyri and Gray could love on Tanzi. Hopefully they can soon. I'm glad Robert seems to be adjusting well. Your boys are adorable!!