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Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter from a 2 year old

Robert is approaching 3 years old this year--August. Anyway, Easter was this month and he helped me put out our Easter decorations. He loved looking in our enchanted Easter eggs and putting out all of our eggs and flowers, etc. We dyed eggs and had an Easter Egg Hunt which he loved.

Then comes the real meaning behind Easter. It's never too early to start teaching about Jesus. I've been telling him about Easter and the eggs and "we celebrate Jesus." Well, Easter was getting closer and closer. I started thinking that in nursery they might elaborate a little more than "we celebrate Jesus." So I started suggesting to Robert that Easter is about "Jesus was resurected." (2 "s"s?, 2 "r"s?)I have picture cards of Jesus that Robert looks at during Sacrament meeting and a couple of them have Resurection pictures. I got those out and showed Robert, "See Jesus was resurected. He has a body. He's living. He's not dead."

Well, as new things and ideas go with Robert, he put up a fight. "No Jesus was not resurected. He's not have a body. He is dead." I tried to explain that Easter is because Jesus got a new body. Jesus was resurected "No, Mom it's not time for resurected." Well, that part he has right I guess. We'll have to work on it through out the year so next year we can have Easter for real. Maybe by then I can at least get, "Yes Jesus has a new body."

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