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Monday, May 16, 2011


I am amazed by Robert's memory. Right after he turned 1 year old and I went to work for the school year, his babysitter's name was Liz Misner. I sent him with a green booster chair that originally had a tray that attached to it, but was broken at Liz's house.

Then the year he turned 2 years old and I went to work for the school year, his babysitter was Grandma Janet and she had her own set-up for eating so I put the booster chair away for a while. We haven't seen Liz this past year except for casual passings in the church a couple times.

Well, the other day I got out the green booster chair for Robert to sit on. I got it out and he said, "Hey, that's Liz's chair. Remember Mom, that table thing on it broke off." How in the world does he remember that?? I wonder if he'll retain that memory 3 years from now? I know my first memory is from between 3 and 4 years old. Definately not 18 months.

Here's another one...I like to put a little squeeze of lemon juice with water in my hospital water mug. Today Robert wanted to try some of the lemon juice. He didn't want it in his tractor cup--that's for milk. I dug out a cup I bought at the beginning of last summer when I babysat a little boy in our ward named Jimmy. It was the designated "Jimmy cup." I got it out and filled it with water and put a little squeeze of lemon in it and handed it to Robert. As we sat eating our lunch, he took bites of his food and drank from the cup for a few minutes. Then he looked at me and said, "Remember Jimmy, Momma?"

"Yes, I remember Jimmy, Robert."

"Is this Jimmy's cup, Momma? Remember Jimmy's Mom branged the food to our house?"

"Yes Jimmy used that cup. His momma, Lisa, brought us food when Hank came home from the hospital didn't she?"

What a memory! Maybe it's because he's my first and so I don't realize that all kids have this kind of memory at this age, but I think it's pretty incredible.

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