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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poky Parks

I've decided to take the boys to as many parks in Pocatello as we can this summer. We have a few parks that we frequent quite readily. They are close to our house so we can load up the stroller and walk there in just a few minutes. This is Ammon Park.

It's pretty fun. There's just one portion of the playground that Robert felt comfortable climbing and playing on. Everything else was too big--monkey bars, a zip line thing.

We didn't need anything else though. He had fun, I had fun, Hank slept and Ricki Bobbi childded under the bench (on a leash of course).


Priscilla said...

Enjoy the parks! Are you going to the park lunches this summer?

Anonymous said...

We have been to any of the lunches yet. I was at the park with my nieces and nephews the day they started. I asked them is they wanted to stay and have lunch at the park. They very strongly said, "No, it's not good for you." I laughed, but maybe Robert and I will stop by some time.

Rita Peck said...

Looks like fun. Need the sun to stay out so we can make it up to Ammon