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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First day of School

Robert's first day if preschool was today. He goes to Tami's Tots with Tami Swallow. My bit is growing up! He's been talking about not being big enough to go to school and it finally dawned on us that he was probably expecting to wake up one day and be physically big like his cousins who go to school. It's been quite the ordeal to correct that teaching. He doesn't actually need to be big to go to school, but rather old enough. Wow, it's been a long week trying to get him to accept that the other kids in preschool would be his same size and that really out was about being old enough. He went and had the time of his life. Success!

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Rita Peck said...

too cute. I love Tammy's Tots. cassie loved it last year and we are putting Maggie in next year