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Sunday, January 6, 2013


 We had a VERY merry Christmas. The boys loved their cars/race track, Avengers, and especially....the dragons! +Andrew Smart loves his gun history books and I love my new bling watch.
Hank got goldfish crackers in his stocking and didn't open much until the crackers were gone!  He had cars in his stocking too, but didn't want anything to do with them until he was well into his crackers.  So he sat on the steps and held his garbage truck while the rest of us opened presents. 
Hank ventured from his post on the steps, with his crackers, to check out the new rack track.  Robert got dragons (actually one is Hank's but he's not too into it) and took them everywhere!
Okay so Hank played with his green dragon for me to snap this picture, but mostly he played with his new cars...AFTER the crackers were all gone.
Robert also got "shackles."  When we wrestle he likes to tie the other person up in "shackles" so he got some REAL shackles and loves shackling anything and anyone.
I wish I knew what Robert's thumb gesture was all about.  It's SO cute, but I didn't hear what he was saying, something about Hanka I guess.  They both got more race tracks from Grandma +Janet Dixon 
Grandma +Janet Dixon was amazed at her family tree chart we printed off in poster size for her.  It goes back 9 generations and is all color coded!
My sister +Jill Van Orden spent Christmas in Pocatello (she brought her family of course).  Her son Andrew got a bunch of survival stuff and was THRILLED anytime someone needed him to use his knife to aid in opening presents.
Robert's cousin Emma, +Jill Van Orden  daughter, found this giant dinosaur for Robert.  He wasn't sure what to think about it at first, but warmed up to it and includes it in all is battles with the dragons and Avengers he got also.
And of course +Andrew Smart received a gun.  Actually, the gift was money to go shopping because +Jill Van Orden  wasn't quite sure what kind of outdoorsy thing to buy for him.  I think Robert has commandeered this little Nerf gun since Christmas.
The merriment didn't stop as we headed over to Grandpa and Grandma Bob and +Sheryl Smart 's house.  I love this cute smile on Robert's face as he opens his new transformer.
Hank is all about phones these days.  Anything that looks remotely the size of a phone goes to the ear and he starts babbling.  Grandpa and Grandma Bob and +Sheryl Smart found this great toy phone for him to play with.  Robert had a little trouble transforming the transformer, truth be told +Andrew Smart had a little trouble too.
I love this face!  He's deep into some pretend battle or something with one of his dragons close at hand  of course.
Grandpa +Bob and Sheryl Smart built the boys a new toy box.  It's beautiful!  

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Rita Peck said...

What a fun Christmas. Your boys are so cute