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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Squeeze in a Head Wound

We were planning on playing with cousins over dinner at my Mom's, +Janet Dixon ,  our playtime was cut short when Hank slipped off a stool and hit his head on a neighboring stool on his way to the ground.  When +Andrew Smart picked him up there were large droplets of blood falling from his head and I knew it wasn't good.  My sister +Jill Van Orden and my mom, +Janet Dixon  quickly got a towel and an ice pack and I held him to my chest and rocked him to settle him down so we could evaluate the situation.  The bleeding stopped but as we looked at the cut, it showed fatty tissues.  It wasn't very long, but it was pretty deep.  Family members have stitched others up in their homes before, but those capable of doing the stitching (Brent, Warren, +Robert Coray, +Annie Dixon, Gordy) were either still working, traveling, or too far away. SO, we went over to Physicians Immediate Care and Warren's P.A., Lana, stitched Hanka up.  He needed 4 stitches and it was just 6 hours before the New Year.  Needless to say we did not finish our play time at Grandmas.  Instead we went home and put the boys to bed and enjoyed a great movie.  Happy New Year!

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Rita Peck said...

nice way to start the new year. Glad it all ended well