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Sunday, November 23, 2008

He's so photogenic

This is my favorite: the hat, the cute look on his face, the black and white. He's so lovable!

His eyes got stuck on the plaid blanket and had a little trouble readjusting. He reminds me of the little boy on "Dennis the Mennis" when they play hid-and-seek. The little boy that goes to the ice cream store with his dad....Anyway, he's a cutie-bug!

The classic curiosity photo. His eyes are saying, "Why do they always take pictures of me?"

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Gary and Mauri said...

Oh he is SO stinkin cute!! I can't wait to see him again!! I am so happy you have a blog! I just love blogging....I'll have to send you another invite to ours, in case you aren't already hooked up! :) Can't wait to stay in touch better this way....and see more cute pics of Robert!