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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Roots of that Tree

I went to visit Anna while I was in Colorado. She and the kids took me to Target (we got bean bags for the kids), ToysR'us (just to play and kill some time before we drove to the ariport), Garden of the Gods, and The Will Roger's Shrine. He's not buried there, but he was a friend of the Penrose family who settled Colorado Springs. The Penroses built a shrine for them to be burried in and named it the Will Roger's Shrine--a little wierd if you ask me. It was really pretty though. All the rock they used in building it came from the same 6,000 cubic yards of boulder! There are no nails or screws in its construction. Very cool.

Johnny stood and held on to the chapel gate while the older kids played out on the terrace.

It was a little bit cold the day we went to Garden of the Gods, but we still managed to get out and climb around. Lizi and Tyler climbed to the top of this rock that, on a nice day, is perfect for a picnic.
The Rocks are huge! The drive through was beautiful.

Molly, Lizi, and Tyler found a little nook to block the wind for a bit.

I love the roots of this tree. Some of the roots are along the surface some go down a little further. It symbolizes the roots of our lives. When our roots our deep in Jesus Christ, family, love, understanding, and forgiveness we grow tall and strong. When we let those roots die or falter, we loose our strength and life starts to fall apart.

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