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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Those Dixon Genes!

How can you NOT have sympathy for that sicky face? He was miserable! Definately NOT his usual jovial, smiley, easy to care for self. The week of March 23 (I was in Colorado) Robert caught the croup. Thanks to Dad and Grandma's holding and rocking him through the nights and taking him outside for some cold fresh air, he eventurally started acting like he felt a little better. Tuesday evening I arrived home from my trip. He only woke up twice that night. Wednesday was pretty good and that night was even better. We were going on walkd outside, all bundled up, propping him up to sleep. Thursday was an improvement from Wednesday and by Friday he was feeling pretty good. AND THEN.......

Saturday he woke up with goopy, goopy eyes! I thought, okay he's just still getting over the croup. All the congestion is coming out wherever it can. BUT, Sunday was no better, Monday was worse! He had started pulling at his left ear--AHA! ear infection! I took him to the doctor on Tuesday--sure enough, Uncle Chris said, "His Dixon genes are starting to show up in the doctor's office!" He's getting 4 teeth right now, which is associated with the ear infection. The ear infection is causing the goopy eyes--it's all connected! He's been on Amoxicillin for 5 days today and finally back to his normal self. Our boy is back!


Gary and Mauri said...

It is SO sad to see your little ones so sick!! We've been dealing with RSV in our household so I know sorta what you've been going through....it's just not fun! But I am SO glad he's doing better! He really is just SO SO cute!! I don't think we'll make it back up to Pocatello before the baby is born, but hopefully we'll see you sometime soon after!!

brittany schley said...

Won't it be nice when it gets warmer and there is less sickness going around? I'm glad he's feeling better. Let's get together when the weather shapes up and everyone is 100%!