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Friday, October 2, 2009

September Flew By

I can't believe I didn't post anything for September! I've been adjusting to my new schedule at work, but I think October will be better. For the past couple years I've been working at the elementary level and this year I'm at middle school. School doesn't start until 8:50!! So we get out at 3:15--1 hour later than I'm used to, but it's getting better. We've had some good moments in Septemeber.

Andy went elk hunting--twice, but didn't get anything. The first time was too early and the second time was too hot. What's up with September being hot anyway? Robert and I went with him the second time. Even though he didn't get anything, it was still a great camping trip--Bob and Sheryl went too. Robert loved exploring the rocks and creeks.
The first night we were there his bottle got left out on the table disassembled--the nipple, cap, bottle, the bottom screw on thing, and the plastic ventilator thing that goes in the bottom. Anyway, in the morning I went to get him a bottle and couldn't find the nipple. The paper towel that all the bottle parts were sitting on was chewed at the edges and there were mouse droppings!! Somewhere there's a mouse with a bottle nipple that doesn't belong to him! We managed without it though.
Robert eating breakfast in his warm cookie monster suit. It was warm during the day, but the mornings and evenings were chilly.

Andy and Robert in their camo.

Robert loves hats. I thought this one with Andy's hat was precious.

Robert playing on the camping blanket with some toys.

This is the makeshift bottle I came up with after the blasted mouse ran off with the nipple.

We played BY the creek, but then Robert decided it would be much more fun to play IN the creek even though it was COLD! He didn't mind one bit.

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