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Sunday, November 22, 2009


First; the story. Friday night as Lacey and I were finishing up dinner Lacey looked over at one of our end tables next to the couch to notice some tiny brown "pebbles" on top of it, and she wondered aloud if it could be poo. "Naw" I said, "It's probably just some of the mess that we missed from that party you hosted the other day." After all there were a lot of small kids that are very proficient mess makers that were in our house during that party. So we cleaned it up without much thought.

Then, later on that evening we found a couple of more "pebbles" on top of the recliner, and wondered again if it could be poo. Again we decided to chalk it up to some messy kids, rationalizing that it was way too big to be mouse poo, and that a mouse would stay on the floor anyway.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. The boy is down for a nap, and Lacey is out doing some errands, so I take the opportunity to sit down and watch some football. After a bit I heard the laundry buzz and decided that I ought to get that changed over. So I hit pause on the game and got up to go into the laundry room.

However, a low rustling noise stopped me from getting too far. I thought that it was probably just some leaves blowing around outside, but in the back of my mind I thought it was probably the source of all that brown stuff we'd found the night before. As I continued to listen, I heard the noise again and was convinced that it was coming from behind our hide-a-bed. Wanting to investigate some more I peered over the back and saw a brown blur jump out of view.

This startled me, and after a second or two I looked back and saw that a squirrel was behind our couch. Not wanting to have the thing go postal on me I grabbed my monopod to poke at it and it ran to the other end of the house.

So I got the video camera out to help me chase it, and this is what happened.

The squirrel finally crawled under the Boy's bedroom door and lodged itself behind his bookcase. About the time I had discovered it in there Lacey had arrived home and was good enough to play goalie and herd it back outside.

We figure that it was probably living with for a day or two before we noticed the droppings, and the only way we can figure that it got in was by falling down the chimney. Either that or it was just real quick running through the front door when we were coming or going.


brittany schley said...

how much poop did robert eat before you figured it out? yummy.

Joseph said...

I was waiting to hear about the mighty hunter getting out his BB-gun and setting up a tree stand in the living room. that would have made the story even better :)
When do we get to see the Thanksgiving trip photos in a post?