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Monday, November 30, 2009


November got cold just before we left for Thanksgiving. We drove to Colorado to see my sisters Jill and Anna. Anyway, it was way too cold to not give Robert his new coat we were saving for Christmas. I'm glad we gave it to him early, I didn't want him to be cold, but more importantly he didn't really like it. As you can tell from the face of protest. It's better to save the gifts he'll really like for Christmas and give all the crappy gifts for at other times of the year. See? We're learning.

Third times the charm! Following true Van Orden tradition (that is my sister Jill's family) we all went for a hike Thanksgiving morning to work up our appetite. We took a beautiful hike to Horsetooth Falls, unfortunately it was more of a drip, but still very enjoyable as it was at least 65 degrees. We wanted a family portrait at the base of the Falls and had ask Jill to take the photo with our camera. After the first few shots she put the camera down and said, "Well so far Andy is the only one cooperating!" Oops...aka "Hold still Lacey!" The final product was well worth it.

Yeah, those sunglasses were broken shortly after this photo was taken. The Boy got a little too carried away. They were only $1.

Amanda, myself, Andrew, Joe, and John hiked to the top of the Falls. There was actually a trail that goes to the top, I didn't know that, maybe the others did. We scaled the rocks to the top. It was fun as you can tell by our smiling faces and waving hands.

This is where the Falls should be falling.

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Andy said...

May be the only time in your life that you will see four pictures taken and will hear the phrase "Andy is the only one who is cooperating."