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Friday, May 7, 2010

What's Your Name?

A while ago someone asked Robert what his name is. He looked confused. Andy and I both realized hadn't been teaching him his name. Last Sunday we were at my Mom's for dinner.....let me back up a little. Robert thinks his Uncle Jason is so funny cuz Jason will come in the room and say in a funny low voice, "Hi Bob." Robert has started calling Jason, Bob. When Jason walks in Robert will yell out, "Baaaahb" (I was going to type a lot of "o's" to emphasize the word, but it didn't look right so it's Bob, but making the "o" part longer, ANYWAY).

So, last Sunday we were at my Mom's for dinner and started pointing to people and asking, "Who's this?" He's such a social child, my son. "Mama," "Papa," "Jaycee," "Jesse," "Maya," "G'ma," "Annie," "Bad" (that's Brad), and the last one "BOB." This is Jason I told him trying not to laugh. So Jason started pointing back and forth to Robert and saying, "Bob" and then to himself and saying, "My name's Jason." By the end of the night Jason was still named Bob. He got everyone else right though! That's awesome, right?

Every once in a while Robert has attempted his name. During the week I was working with him on his name and I point to me and say Mama and point to him and say Robert. He tries to say his name after me, "Ro oot" Then I'd ask, what's my name? and point to myself...."Mama" he says. Then I pointed to him and say, "what's your name?" He giggles and points to himself and says, "Naaaame! Ah-my name."

He's such a hoot! Ah, what a laugh. We need to catch in on camera, it's sooo cute!

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