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Monday, June 7, 2010

Yummy Everything

Before I tell my story I must preface with a picture and some background.

This is the horse at my Mom's house on Memorial Day. He's saying, "Yee Haw!"

Here's the background.
1)Robert uses great manners. Most of the time he remembers a please or a no, thank you. It's actually quite comical when I ask him, "Are you ready for jamas?" and he says with a cute head shake, "No thank you jamas. I don't want it." His tone is the thing that gets me the most. He doesn't yell or scream it (don't get me wrong he yells and screams plenty, but it's not so comical) he just says it matter of factly. "No thank you sit down. I don't want it."

2)I've encouraged Robert to be a good eater, I guess (quizical look), by offering him "yummy (fill in the blank)" Whether it be broccoli or ice cream I usually tell him it's yummy. So now that he's talking intelligibly when he wants something to eat he asks for a "yummy (fill in the blank)" Most days it's "yummy white cheese please Momma," although you may know it as cottage cheese. Sometimes it's "yummy chocolate please Momma," (a fact I whole heartidly agree upon) and other times it's "yummy carrots please Momma and yummy syrup." Syrup is anything that you squeeze out of a bottle until you remind him that condiments have different names in this case, with the carrots, he's asking for Ranch.

Anyway so here's my story....
Tonight just before dinner Andy got out an almost empty bag of Doritoes and so it began, "yummy chips please Papa," "yummy chips please Momma." Well, I was heating up dinner (leftovers from the Olive Garden, Mmmmm we had a piece of grilled chicken with broccoli, some spaghetti, chicken alfredo, and a breadstick) and I said to him, "Robert we're going to have some yummy dinner, noodles and chicken." He looked at me like I was born yesterday and said, "No thank you Momma, I don't want icky dinner. Yummy chips please."

I guess I should've seen that coming. It was hilarious. Just so you know how the story ends, Robert climbed up in his chair and ate his yummy noodles with yummy sprinkle cheese (Parmesean) and yummy yogurt to top it off.

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Gary and Mauri said...

Oh he is seriously CUTE!! We need to get together again SOON!! And let our kids play. I love that he is talking so much...and is SO polite!!