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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Momma Bear

It's not that I didn't know he was okay at the time . . . but he was stuck and I didn't know how long I had until he started freaking out too!  So a couple days after the New Year the boys and I were at my Mom's, +Janet Dixon , finishing a puzzle we had started over the Holidays.  My sister +Dari Willey was there with her kids and the they all were playing while he chit chatted over the puzzle.  Soon it was time for Hank to take his nap so I put him down in his usual place, my Mom's bedroom in the Pack -n- Play.  About 30 minutes later I heard some chatter from the bedroom and I figured Hank was just chatting himself to sleep.  It wasn't until Dari went a little closer to the door and heard Hank at the door lightly knocking.  First of all, I don't know how he got out of the Pack -n- Play!  But when I went to the door, somehow he had twisted the bellybutton lock on the door. Again, as I stated earlier, I knew he was okay at the moment, but Hank has a tendency to find . . . situations that end badly for him.  Like the stitches just a couple days previous--frankly I'm surprised he have gone this long without stitches. ANYWAY, he was locked in the bedroom and I knew I might not have long until he was hurt.  Dari and I found something to poke in the little hole in the doorknob to try and pop it open, but we quickly learned it wasn't that kind of doorknob.  After talking with +Jason Dixon , we tried applying pressure in the little grooves at the hilt of the doorknob to pop the door handle off, WELL, that just broke the hilt. SO, I took a hammer and slammed the door handle off, opened the door and there was my Hank, holding a picture frame and laughing as I opened the door.

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Rita Peck said...

glad it ended funny. crazy kid