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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something's Up

So I thought I'd blog a little while Robert is sleeping. For some reason I can't upload any pics. What's up with that? So here's my dialog anyway....

Poor little "wee man" is a sicky. Throw up and all! I feel sorry and greatful for Liz (our babysitter) all at the same time. She called me at work today, "Robert is throwing up and has a fever." I'll be right there," I told her. Sure enough, when I got to her house he had thrown up all over his clothes, blanket, and her living room. She already put his things in a plastic bag and had him stripped to his diaper. I loaded him up and drove him home. Just as we turned the last corner (Liz only lives 5 blocks away), here comes round 2! The car seat can wait, I told myself while rolling the windows down hoping I wouldn't come back to an icky smelling car.

I got him in the house and cleaned up, gave him a bottle of water (must stay hydrated!) and a new blanket, and went to the car to get the stinky car seat out of the car. He's got tylenol in him and he's down for the count---just taking a little snoozeroo. I'm sure when he wakes up, he'll feel much better.

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