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Monday, October 26, 2009

Carving our Pumpkin

I wanted to have a giant pumpkin this year so I could put Robert inside it and take a picture. So cute right? Well, it was a little chilly Sunday October 25th, but time was pressing on. We needed to carve our pumpkin. and take the picture. and bake the seeds.

Robert wasn't diggin' the whole "carving pumpkins is fun" idea. He did enjoy taking handfuls of seeds and sprinkling them around the yard though. I was really surprised of the size of the seeds inside this pumpkin. Like the pumpkin, the seeds were huge.

At last time to get that picture. And he hated it, of course. Who would enjoy being stuck inside a pumpkin? I still had a glimmer of hope tugging at my heart strings.

Sometimes the things we hope turn out cute as bug, turn out cute as a bug in a different way.
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